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Healthy Halloween Treats

With the plethora of sweets that will be floating around this week at school, let's step up our games and bring in some healthy treats to help our lil' sweeties thrive, instead of crash and burn with all that junk.

This Fruity Jack o'lantern was a HIT at school! Both kids and teachers were excited to grab a fruit-kabob from our 'Jack'. The best part was that the kids rushed to get a fruit skewer before the corn-syrup/suagr-filled candy. Teaching our littles that health can be fun is an important life-lesson that they can incorporate into their own lives independently as they grow. Leading by example in this department is crucial, and it's all about balance. I teach my loves that it's okay to have some of the typical Halloween junk, as long as it's balanced out with nourishing choices too, such as fruits and veggies. Balance will keep them healthy and grounded in this world with overwhelming amounts of information on mostly any topic available.

Have a HEALTHtabulous Halloween, and keep your body happy and nourished this year!


-1 Medium-Sized Pumpkin

-10 Oranges, sliced

-1 lb Green Grapes

-1 lb Red Grapes

-1 lb Black Grapes

-2 lbs Strawberries

-Wooden Skewers


1. Thoroughly clean your pumpkin, and design a face of your liking. Get creative and have fun. (Next year, we want to paint our pumpkin green and draw a witch.)

2. Wash and dry all of your fruits. Cut oranges into slices.

3. Grab a skewer and start loading the fruit on. We created a pattern that seemed to work well for us with the oranges at the bottom and strawberries at the top.

4. Poke each skewer into the top of your pumpkin, arranging the skewers evenly around.

5. Snap a photo of your amazing creation, and ENJOY!

*The sky is the limit with any fruits and or veggies you want to put on your skewers. There are several allergies in our classrooms and so we stuck with more basic fruits. Get creative, experiment and have fun!!

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