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The Lifestyle Makeover includes:~Nutritional Assessment~Personal Plan for Eating Healthy~Fitness Evaulation~Personal Workout Routines~Wardrobe Remix~All About You Challenge.... and more!

lifestyle makeover exclusive


Learn from an AADP-credited health coach, specific ways to incorporate more energy-boosting foods into your life, as well as what to purge from your life to create better health for yourself and/or your family.  

Learn about the many hidden & harmful preservatives and additives that are making our energy levels drop, weight-loss impossible and even making kids hyper-active.

Each personal nutriional assessment is done in-home, or via Skype, and will begin with getting to know you, your current eating habits, specific dietary issues, any other problems and more.  You will receive a specific meal map for your own unique dietary needs.  You will also receive a personalized grocery list, recipes and feasible tips to change unhealthy eating habits, suited just for you.  

Our goal is to make healthy living accessible and sustainable to you, empowering you to take control of your health.

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Lifestyle Makeover
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