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Get ready for a good time at our Fitness Fiesta!  The night is personalized based upon your favorite type of workout, or a style of movement that you want to learn.  Get some stress out, tone your muscles, enjoy time with your friends and get ready to laugh!  Fun will be had!

fitness fiesta


We all need Girls Night Out, but what about a Girls Night In?!? Grab some friends and host our FIT Fiesta!  Our night begins with some good old fashioned hydration and socializing, moves on to a fun workout that will make your muscles feel the burn, and ends with a cool-down and stretch session designed to relax both your body and mind.  After we put our mats away, we will re-hydrate and then discuss some health and wellness tips to create better health daily.  Got questions? Q&A session ends the night.  

Feel free to bring wine & snacks to enjoy after our workout...  A happy body requires balance!

Email us for available dates.

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