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This delicate handcrafted single wrap Chica bracelet uses turquoise Japanese glass beads studded with gold.  It is the perfect layering piece to add a simple splash of color to your wrist.  Features a macrame closure with the Kutula Kiss logo charm.


Chica Turquoise


Kutula means peace… and peace is at the heart of everything we do.


These incredible handcrafted bracelets are created with a process that supports (and fairly compensates) the skilled craftspeople behind every incredible piece.  


The talented female artisans who craft this jewelry work from their homes in Colombia, allowing them to raise their children and look after their parents. Many of these women live in small towns and are the wives of farmers. The moms are earning a fair wage, giving them the ability to fulfill many of their personal and family dreams, while continuing a tradition that has been passed down for many generations.  

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