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At H E A L T H tabulous, we came across these gorgeous bracelets and fell in love not only with the amazing handiwork in each piece, but when we discovered this company's mission to help empower women, we knew it was a match made in heaven.  We are proud to feature Kutula Kiss as our first line of jewelry, and are 100% behind their mission to support, empower and fairly compensate female artisans globally.  

Kutula Kiss embodies the spirit of the collector, the nomad, the wanderer. It is for those who value the journey in life, for those that want to hold in their palm a piece of the past, present, and future.

"Embracing the power of jewelry, Kutula Kiss founders Kathy Pettigrew and Cindy Berg are bringing together women from around the world in a venture of collaboration and creativity.  Many of these women now have a dependable income that allows them to take care of their families and dream big.  Through a collaborative process with artisans around the world, we weave our stories together. 

 Good vibes and pure positivity lie at the company’s core as we continue to find new trending designs and meaningful collaborations around the world. “Kutula” means peace…. our reminder that by kissing the world a little more each day, we can all be a step closer to “Kutula”."


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