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the gift of Wellness
The  H E A L T H tabulous  Lifestyle Makeover
The Ultimate Gift for the busy woman in your life


The H E A L T H tabulous

Lifestyle Makeover

Health is truly the greatest wealth.  Without good health, life can be unnecessarily challenging.  Health is not just about eating salads and making time to exercise.  Health is about HOW YOU FEEL in all aspects of life, both inside and out.  Why not make life easier for yourself and take the time now to focus on creating a roadmap to better health for yourself.  


The H E A L T H tabulous Lifetyle Makeover will help take you from frustrated with your health to empowered, in just four sessions.  This package guides you to better health in life, specifically in the areas of: FOOD, FITNESS, FASHION & FUN.


Nutrition is not an easy concept to understand nowadays.  We are bombarded with health claims on everything we eat on a daily basis.  End the struggle, and get help from a certified health coach, who will walk you through the how-to's of eating best for your own unique being.


Fitness is so often a necessity that we consider a chore, and find difficulty fitting it into our days.  Why not take control and have a personalized exercise plan designed just for you, to meet your own specific needs.


Style is a very unique expression of yourself.  Receive guidance from a professional wardrobe stylist how to best dress to allow your own style to shine, highlighting what you love about yourself.


We often get so busy that fun is the last thing that we think about.  We are always taking care of others, however often feel selfish to make time to care of ourself as well.  How much can you expect to give to others when you are running on fumes yourself?  Be the best version of you, by making sure that you are taking care of yourself so that you have the energy, focus and patience to best share of yourself with those around you.  Our fun All About You challenge will offer you support and guidance as you reconnect with yourself and learn to invest in self-care.

What you get:

Personal Nutritional Assessment & Meal Map

A customized nutrition and wellness plan will be designed, based upon your individual needs, goals and lifetsyle.  You will also receive a month of meal plan ideas, as well as recipes to help you make lasting changes to your daily eating habits.



Check out our Pantry Party for a more in-depth dive into how to read past the marketing health claims  on your foods,  what is actually hidden in the foods we eat, and how to become a label detective yourself.

Personal Training Sessions

The Personalized Fitness Program features a 50 minute workout (virtual or in-person) and evaluation with a certified personal trainer. An assessment is done, and personalized workout plan is created based upon your goals and needs.  An additional session is completed after you receive your personalized workout plan, to review the exercises and be sure they are done in the proper alignment to work your muscles most effectively, as well as to answer any questions you may have.


For further fitness guidance, check out or personal or group training packages.

Personal Wardrobe Remix

This Personal Wardrobe Remix features an in-depth look at your closet.  Your personal wardrobe stylist will evaluate your current wardrobe as well as  your desired image, body shape,  lifestyle needs and more.  A personalized assessment is created and you will receive a detailed plan of how to achieve your wadrobe goals, making better use of clothing that you already own and only invest in add on garments to create more variety.  You will learn the secrets of creating a variety of looks with lesser number of clothing pieces.  You will also learn how to best dress to enhance for your specific body type and lifestyle considerations.  


To further your wardrobe experience, check out our Personal Shopping services.

Personal All About YOU Challenge

We will challenge you to focus on yourself and reconnect with what makes YOU happy. 

Too often, we lose sight of the little things that bring us joy.

It's time to rediscover them and focus on bringing them back in your life.

We will guide you to find your joy again, and help you create time in your life to incorporate it!

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Lifestyle Makeover

Other information:~All evaluations and assessments will be sent to you within a week of your session. ~Once your first session is booked, the remaining sessions must be completed within a 4-week time frame. Failure to abide by the 4-week time frame will void any remaining unused sessions, and you will be charged the full rate to re-book a session.~We honor a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you need to reschedule your appointment, it must be done before 24 hours of your session to verify enough time to best serve all of our clients. If the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours before your session, a $25 fee will be charged.~This Lifestyle Reset must be used within 4 months of purchase, due to the special holiday discounted rate of this package.Any other questions, please send us an email at:

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